coffee festival
at the miners roastery

TBA | Prague

coffee festival
at the miners roastery

TBA | Prague


A 2-day celebration of all things coffee, hosted in Prague
day 1 |
Business-Focused: Bring coffee producers and resellers together for a day of networking and collaboration
The festival's first day will focus on our valued partners and coffee business parties. It will be a great opportunity to exchange experiences, share valuable advice, and foster new connections.
day 2 |
Consumer-Focused: Engage with coffee producers and coffee lovers. enjoy the ambience and get to know all about coffee
On the second day of the festival, we shift our focus to the coffee consumers and new trends in the coffee industry, offering interactive VR experiences and a bunch of other enjoyable activities.
Informal Networking with coffee fellows. Will be Held at The Miners Churchill on the first day
The After-Party is free entry for participants and will include gigs, games (coffee-pong, quiz game, etc.), food and cocktails, and lastly, an award ceremony for participants
prague coffee festival
Explore the coffee life cycle, from seed to cup, in our interactive, walkthrough.
prague coffee festival
Cultivation Stage
Take a moment to unwind in our Green Bean Lounge, surrounded by hay, burlap sacks, and lush, green coffee plants.
prague coffee festival
Roasting Stage
Explore coffee roasting and discover the diverse treatments for raw coffee seeds. Enjoy the results at our cup-testing tables!
prague coffee festival
Coffee marketplace
Taste and buy your favourites from our coffee representatives
prague coffee festival
Hear from coffee professionals firsthand as they share years of experience and unique insights.
prague coffee festival
Bar & Merch Table
Wrap up your Coffee Journey Experience with a visit to our Bar & Merch Table to enjoy the products you know and love.
prague coffee festival
1-4                Green Beans Area
5-9               Roasters
10, 11          Equipment
12-14         Merch
15                  Food & Cocktails


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    Online Presence
    The festival has
    a dedicated webpage on
    The Miners website with event details, concept designs, and a ticketing system.
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    Social Media
    Our extensive social media campaigns will reach a wide audience of coffee enthusiasts.
  • prague coffee festival
    Marketing Partnerships
    Collaborations with local cafes and coffee-related businesses for cross-promotion.
  • prague coffee festival
    Press Coverage
    Media partnerships will ensure coverage in newspapers, magazines, and online outlets.
350 CZK (14.7 EUR)
Immerse yourself into the coffee world by exploring different coffee roasters and trends, taking home the best findings. After Party included.
5000 CZK (210 EUR) per table
Gain exclusive business access to the coffee industry's premier event, connecting coffee businesses, producers, roasters, and resellers for unparalleled networking and growth opportunities.
2000 CZK (84 EUR)
Reserve a 2-hour time slot at the festival's display table for anyone wanting to showcase their product during the event. For Businesses only.
5000 CZK (210 EUR)
Elevate your coffee business, showcasing your products and connecting with industry leaders during the Festival.
Minor Figures is an indie brand, born from a passion for coffee. Their flagship product, Barista Oat, blends coffee and eco-consciousness. It's carbon-neutral, B-Corp Certified, UK-made, and 100% plant-based, ensuring dairy-free, lactose-free, and animal protein-free options.

Founded in 1927 in Florence, Italy, La Marzocco is renowned for its precision-engineered espresso machines, beloved by top baristas globally. At The Miners, where quality and sustainability matter, we exclusively rely on La Marzocco machines to create exceptional coffee experiences.
La Marzocca
Minor Figures
Thank You!
We look forward to welcoming you to the first Another Coffee Festival 2023

Take part in this vibrant celebration and make lasting connections in the coffee industry.

See you there!


Welcome to The Miners, where specialty coffee meets a vibrant community of passion and excellence.

Since March 2019, we have evolved from a single coffee shop to a cultural hub, with 7 current locations in Prague (2 more are coming in 2023) and 2 soon-to-hit in Barcelona. We create inspiring spaces that foster creativity and collaboration, offering like-minded individuals the perfect place to work while enjoying an excellent cup of coffee.

With our own roastery in Prague, we supply not only our 8 coffee shops but also more than 30 B2B partners, including WeWork and TedX conferences. Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition as one of the best cafes in Prague in 2023 with features in CzechCrunch, World Coffee Portal, Forbes, and other global publishers.
prague coffee festival
Another Coffee Festival 2024 — FAQ
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